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Team Collaboration
Advanced asynchronous collaboration for individuals and organizations
per user/month (-25%)
Unlimited VoiceLines
100+ integrations like Google Docs, Office 365, Notion, Asana and many more (Chrome & Edge Browsers)
Smart summaries / tl;dl's (Beta)
Custom vocabulary on user level
Unlimited Archive of VoiceLines
Async availability with VoiceLine VoiceBox (R)
Active noise cancellation and voice enhancements
Async meeting spaces (Standups, Checkins, etc.)
Overview of all async interactions in the Hub
Mobile Workflows on iOS and Android
Sales Professional
Added integrations, AI and automations for high performance workflows
per user/month (-25%)

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Everything included in team collaboration, plus...
Salesforce / Hubspot / Pipedrive / Other CRM functionality
Smart bullets
Personal customer success manager for teams with 10+ seats
Sales analytics dashboard and activity monitoring
Additional customization for security, branding and administration
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On top of your team collaboration or sales professional plan:
Single sign on (SSO)
Single Tenant security features
Added workspace administration
Customized branding
How much is one hour of your team
members’ time worth to you?
Output wasted
per team member per month
9 hours
typing and formulating work communication
12 hours
blocking or being blocked by others
22 hours in meetings or video calls
Output wasted550€300€225€
You are losing €12,900 worth of output each year!
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