Freedom to work from anywhere

VoiceLine is on a mission to build a new way to work by enabling asynchronous communication for remote and hybrid teams. Our smart voice messaging solution is designed to create stronger working relationships, give you more focus time and total freedom over how and when you connect with your team.

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Faster than typing

We’ve come to rely on typing our communications, ideas, input and notes. Smart voice messaging lets you do everything you’d normally type at the speed of speaking, while delivering results as both audio and text.

More personal
than text

It’s much harder to convey emotions and provide context when you have to type it out in text. Your voice adds a much needed personal touch to giving feedback, providing input, sending praise and even making the first contact.

Greater flexibility
than video

You don’t always have to be camera ready to collaborate. Asynchronous communication lets you connect with your team and reduces the hassle of scheduling syncs and being live. Most importantly, it gives you the freedom to take control of your time and focus on work that matters.

Smart voice messaging for work

Our cutting edge technology uses smart voice messaging to enable asynchronous communication and collaboration. Discover the product features that make it possible to work from anywhere:

Hybrid voice-to-text

It might be faster to record messages using voice, but sometimes it’s more convenient to read a message. That’s why VoiceLine does both.


Nobody enjoys transcribing voice recordings. Many of us don’t even like typing walls of text. That’s why you get to talk and we do the typing for you.


We don’t like spending more time trying to find a time to sync than we do actually talking to our colleagues. That’s why VoiceLine is asynchronous.


After you sign up, you can send VoiceLines to anyone, on any channel. It doesn’t matter if they are not yet a VoiceLine user, they will still be able to reply.


You probably already have an office tech stack. That’s why VoiceLine was built to easily integrate into the tools and platforms you’re already using.


Background noise is almost as bad as video bombs. VoiceLine keeps the focus on what you have to say, even when the kids are home.

How it works

1. Record

After you sign up, just press record and start talking.

2. Review

Your voice is automatically transcribed and you can then review and edit the text.

3. Share

 Send to another VoiceLine user or drop your VoiceLine into any of your existing apps.

VoiceLine works where you do

Web app

Chrome extension

Mobile app

Works with

Are you ready to work better?

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Join the growing number of VoiceLine users:

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