voiceline for sales
capture what matters
VoiceLine enables working with voice and reveals insights with the latest AI. Create more time for active sales and make informed decisions in your sales controlling.

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Developed with 300+ of the world’s most innovative companies
how VoiceLine works
With VoiceLine, your sales reps capture actionable touchpoints in seconds and distributes them to your entire sales organization. This is how it works:

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spoken visit reports
Capture touchpoints in seconds
As simple as a voice message, as structured as a written report. Always available at the tip of your fingers - straight from the lock screen.


hours/week saved on documentation and admin work
Data processing
AI analyzes and structures your data
Our language models structure natural language into actionable content, transformed right to your existing data structures. Capture data first-hand, for the maximum transparency into the field.


documentation quota of all relevant touchpoints
CRM Integration
Increase adoption of existing systems
Integrates with all major CRMs in minutes. Easily searchable and assignable with smart mapping of your records. A mobile interface to your CRM tailored to the needs of your field sales reps.

5 min

required to integrate to your legacy systems
data driven Controlling
Transparency into the field
Dig into the core of sales actions with latest AI to uncover opportunities and trends. For better informed sales management and coaching of your sales team.


higher conversion rate with better informed controlling
asynchronous communication
New work for field sales
Cut your sales cycles by keeping all stakeholders in the loop. For a flexible and fully connected sales organization - without any bottlenecks.


shorter sales cycles with asynchronous communication
add superpowers to your crm
INtegrates in minutes with
AI structuring of all documented content
Improving language models with industry specific vocabulary
Smart suggestions and selection of CRM entries
Audio summaries of visit reports available on the go
Opportunity assessment of visit reports with AI

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Your benefits
Increase active selling time
Stop wasting unnecessary time on visit reports and use it for active selling time.


per rep/week
Manage with informed decisions
Unlock reality about your reps activities to make better decisions.


in conversion rates
Cut your sales cycles
Don't let calendars, meetings, and tedious paperwork get in your way.


shorter sales cycles
Starting at 29€ per seat/month
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New work for your field sales reps

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frequently asked questions

Is VoiceLine available for my crm?

We support the majority of popular CRMs as a plug-and-play solution. Generally, VoiceLine is compatible with any API-enabled CRM. If your CRM is not listed, please feel free to contact us at hello@getvoiceline.com.

Yes, we are GDPR-compliant certified by Dataguard and have our ISO27001 certified servers located in Frankfurt, Germany.

VoiceLine is currently available as Chrome Extension for your browser. This means you can use it on any desktop device, though we are looking into on-premise solutions already. Shh - don’t tell anyone.

Yes! VoiceLine is available on both Android and iOS devices. However, our custom keyboard extension is exclusively available on iOS yet. Don’t bother Android folks, we’re working on it!

VoiceLines are shared via encrypted links. Anyone you share those links with can consume and reply to your VoiceLine, regardless of them being a VoiceLine user yet or still planning to join. This means you can also use VoiceLine to communicate with prospects and clients outside your organization!

VoiceLine is not an integration for only a few tools - we are a layer on top of all your tools. This means VoiceLine works with any tool you’d use in your browser or as a mobile application. Everything, really - endless possibilities!

Yes, the transcription of VoiceLine is continuously enhanced based on your corrections! Every time you edit and correct a VoiceLine, we remember your edits and make sure you’re understood the next time you use the same words.