Hybrid Work

3 reasons why we love hybrid work

Once you go hybrid you don’t go back. At least not without upsetting a lot of people (which we wouldn’t recommend doing). It’s hard to believe that before the pandemic, many of us couldn’t imagine a world where hybrid work is the norm. Now, many of us can’t imagine going back to working solely from the office. So why exactly do so many people like hybrid working so much? We’d like to share some of our own experiences with hybrid working to answer this question.

What is hybrid work?

Before we jump into why we love having a hybrid workplace, we’d like to quickly clear up any confusion about what ‘hybrid work’ actually is. Hybrid working is when your workplace is not strictly standardized, giving you the flexibility to choose between working remote and working in the office.

If you want to find out more about what a hybrid workplace is, including the pros and cons, you can read about it in the post we dedicated to this topic.

Why we love hybrid work

1. Hybrid working helps to establish a positive work culture where we feel valued

Some of us work from home better, some of us have childcare and other responsibilities, and some of us prefer avoiding the commute. Whatever the reason, for many people having a day or two in the home office is much appreciated and usually a good thing. Once you give your team this option, it indicates not only that you understand their needs, but also that you care about meeting them. Hybrid working has really improved our work culture because we feel valued and heard! Establishing a positive work culture of trust and empathy not only increases productivity but also creates happy teams. A win-win for everyone.


2. Hybrid working promotes a better work-life balance

A few days a week working remote really does wonders for our work-life balance. No longer needing to commute each day has freed up vital personal time (around 50 mins a day on average, if you were wondering) and has meant that we can schedule in a workout or spend more time with our loved ones after a long day at work. A much better work-life balance!

Furthermore, working remote allows us to better balance our personal responsibilities and commitments – Waiting for a delivery? Need to watch over the dog? Want to have lunch with Grandma? We’ve got it all covered working from home.


3. Hybrid working gives us the flexibility to choose the optimal work environment

We’re a mixed bunch in our office. We all have different optimal work environments that maximize our productivity, and hybrid working allows us to prioritize those environments that work best for us. For some, working from home is a dream. Less distractions from colleagues, home comforts and the freedom to structure the day completely on your terms; home office can be the optimal way to follow your natural rhythm.

However, others thrive better in an office workplace environment that provides structure to the working day. Perhaps unthinkable, some people actually enjoy the daily commute as it timetables the day and provides purpose. And while the quiet of the home office may be perfect for some of us, for others the buzz and energy of the office is exactly what’s needed to stay motivated and focused. With a hybrid work model, we get to prioritize which workplace environment we work in for the benefit of our productivity and well-being.

Take Away

Hybrid working is a great way to gain balance and flexibility in our lives and workplaces. Whether this is a work-life balance, a work environment or a social/independent work balance, having the flexibility to work from home and in the office respects the different needs of team members. And when we spend so much of our time working, for us a hybrid work model is a no-brainer.

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