Remote Work

3 benefits of working from home

There’s a reason why so many of us want to continue working from home at least partially now that offices are opening up again. Remote working can bring a multitude of benefits to those who do it right. A better work-life balance, enhanced personal focus time and the lack of a commute are just a few of the things that workers can gain when they go remote. It doesn’t look like remote work is going anywhere anytime soon, so teams need to embrace and adapt to it. These are our top 3 reasons why working from home can benefit everyone.

1. Working from home improves work-life balance

With remote working, work schedules have become far more flexible- now we can work exactly when we want to. This means that we can plan our work schedules around personal commitments and preferences, such as taking the kids to school, attending appointments, getting sufficient sleep and preparing healthy meals. Being able to create a healthy work-life balance can increase positive attitudes and reduce stress, which is crucial for job satisfaction and overall well-being

Furthermore, we now have the opportunity to ‘own our breaks’ when we work from home by spending them how we really want to. If you want to grab lunch with some friends or need to discuss something with a family member during a home office lunch, then that’s possible. Taking breaks is flexible and they can be more easily spent with loved ones!

2. Working from home increases productivity

Working from home, if done right, reduces the distractions that are usually present in the office. And ‘done right’ means avoiding a reliance on too many overly long video calls and leaving chat notifications on. When work distractions are removed, often productivity can increase. A Stanford study of 16,000 call center employees found that employees who worked from home increased work productivity by 13%. This was due to a ‘quieter and more convenient working environment’.

Typical office distractions such as interruptions from colleagues, chit-chat, nearby meetings and phone calls can pull you out of your productive zone and prevent you from getting important tasks done. Thankfully remote working means that those requests can instead be sent via asynchronous communication methods such as email or voice message, which can be responded to whenever you see fit. Ultimately, your home office is your own personal space that you can optimize for your own comfort and productivity.

3. Working from home can improve well-being

Remote working also can increase well-being since it removes the commute and reduces stress. Commuting is a stressful endeavour in itself and disrupts our natural rhythms. Those who commute often get less sleep and are less active as a result of having less time to sleep and exercise. This can put pressure on our mental and physical health and thus reduce productivity at work

Removing the commute can therefore improve general health and mental well-being as well as reduce stress- all good things for our focus and productivity at work.

Take Away

The shift from mostly office-based work patterns to more remote working has significantly changed the way that we work. And for the better. Perhaps a scary unknown at the start of the pandemic, remote working has now become the norm and widely accepted by millions as its benefits were revealed and experienced. Working from home gives us a better work-life balance and more power over what we do with our working day, and as a result reduces stress levels. With the impact that it’s having on our well-being, it’s no surprise that so many want it to stay.

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